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Corporate Reflexology

Reflexology stimulates creativity and productivity, hence an increasing number of companies, city councils, as well as schools, are all among the organisations offering reflexology treatment to their staff. Doctors and nurses themselves are also feeling the benefits of Reflexology.

According to a BBC report, sick leave is costing the UK economy around £13bn a year, with back pain and stress being the major cause of time off, according to new research.

John Cridland, Deputy Director General of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), says:- “For the first time the CBI is highlighting how much a healthy population also matters to business. Reducing the cost of workplace absence should be seen as part of the overall drive to improve competitiveness.”

Gemma is aware of the daily pressures and stresses of working in a highly competitive working environment. Alongside management and employee relations experts, she understands that to be productive and successful, it is essential to maintain a healthy, motivated, and efficient workforce.

Coupled with work stresses, our society is becoming increasingly more demanding. People are working longer hours, and have less leisure time than ever before. The effects of stress on the body can become cumulative. If left untreated an individual’s performance at work may suffer, as they become increasingly tired and lacking in motivation.

Prolonged stress depletes the immune system leaving the individual prone to further ailments. In some cases, it can result in periods of sickness absentism, which is a significant overhead to businesses and to the individual.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development says sickness costs businesses an average of £520 for each employee per year.

While the nation's health is not deteriorating, the survey found that UK workers were taking more sick leave, clocking up an average 10 days a year. The institute questioned more than 1,300 organisations about sickness in the workplace.

Whilst many employers provide excellent working conditions, support services and sickness benefits, their approach to health care tends to be traditionally reactive. Reflexology is a preventative and maintenance therapy that can help employees balance their health, de-stress and relax during and after treatment.

Reflexology is now established as a respected and effective complementary therapy both in the workplace and amongst many doctors, health care professionals, and consultants. (top)

Corporate Experience

An increasing number of companies, are now working in partnership with reflexologists to actively improve the health of their workforce.

Gemma is insured to practice on the public and in the workplace, and is a registered member of the professional body governing all qualified Reflexology Practitioners, The Association of Reflexologists (www.Aor.org.uk). Gemma holds a reflexology practitioner certificate from the AoR. She works as a private practitioner in Guildford, and occasionally in Bromley. In her experience working as a qualified reflexologist, Gemma has developed her client base to include private and corporate business.

She has provided reflexology treatment to employees from these corporations; Tesco, Sainsburys and various Insurance Companies.(top)

Benefits to your Company

• Improved effectiveness of employees – more motivated and productive.

• Instil an atmosphere of caring and respect resulting in reduced costs and increased profits.

• Stress Management - Employees better able to cope with stress.

• Fewer health problems. Reduced level of sickness and absenteeism.

• Develop staff enthusiasm and morale.

• An "Investing In People" initiative.

• Minimal cost – employees pay for treatment or possible company subsidy.

• Convenience - Treatment available on site.

• Limited overheads - treatment held in any available private room. (top)

Benefits to your Employees

• Improved health and well-being.

• Relaxed, revitalised after treatment.

• Improved quality of life.

• Stress management - Better able to cope with pressure.

• Convenience of treatment – available in your office.

• Restores mental alertness and improves attention span

• A pick me up in the middle of the day- sends you back to work with the mental energy you need to be creative and productive.

• No travelling time/costs.

• Ease of arranging treatment. (top)

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