Reflexology with Gemma Wicker AOR in Guildford
Advanced Techniques
Lympatic Stimulation
Synergistic Reflexology
About Gemma

Advanced Techniques

Gemma has tried to take her understanding of Reflexology to the cutting edge, and has been trained and practiced the following with considerable success (see testimonials).

Vertical Reflexology Technique (VRT)

Reflexology with Gemma Wicker in Guildford, Surrey, the VRT, Vertical Reflex TechniqueA new Reflexology technique where the feet are briefly treated in a standing, weight bearing position. It allows deeper access to known reflex points and new reflex points. It is originally developed to help orthopaedic conditions but has subsequently proved successful in treating many health problems.

This powerful technique can often relieve painful conditions quickly and can free up debilitating neck, back and shoulder conditions.

In recent, medically approved trial in one of the nursing homes in Bristol, over 60% of the participants showed a marked improvement in their condition in 6 weeks, some responded within the first two treatments. (top)


Lymphatic Stimulation

This is a highly relaxing technique that promotes better cell metabolism, improves circulation and increases immunity. The technique is gentler, is deeper and more effective than conventional reflexology.

It’s especially effective with people suffering from oedema, resistance problem/chronic diseases, tiredness, depression etc. (top)

Synergistic Reflexology ( SR)

A variant of VRT, a technique where hand and foot reflexes are worked simultaneously. This technique can accelerate the body’s response in orthopaedic cases.

Increased mobility has sometimes been achieved in minutes! (top)



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