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Gemma Reflexology with Gemma Wicker in Guildford picture of surrey near woking aor association reflexologistsis a professionally qualified Reflexologist, a member of the Association of Reflexologists, MAR, with a practice in Guildford. She supports the surrounding area within 10 miles, including Woking and Godalming. She has had many successes with her clients and would like you to benefit from her treatment.


What is Reflexology?

feet in reflexologyReflexology is a complementary therapy increasingly used alongside conventional medical treatment. It is well established in the complementary health field and is effective in stimulating the body's natural healing ability to overcome many adverse reactions to stress and enhance the qualify of life. Further details can be found here


Reflexology promotes and encourages total body relaxation, restful sleep, and generally gives a wonderful sense of well being.
Reflexology brings balance and harmony to all body systems. It can calm or stimulate according to the needs of the body. High levels of stress can often lead to a wide range of health problems.

Reflexology is an effective method of reducing the physical and emotional stresses and anxieties of today’s society.

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Why not try this wonderful treatment and see what your feet can do for you?

Call Gemma on 01483 301 911 or email her


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